Thursday, October 11, 2007

Season's Bleatings

You complained about summer for the whole of its miserable three months, and now it's over you yearn for a last day of putrid sunny delight. Well, here are some pictures of the whole sordid episode - due to repeated itself with dreary inevitability at the same time next year, and thereafter until the planet is destroyed. This here is a bumble bee:

This is a tree (stick with it):

This is a green parakeet eating the fucking trees. There were hundreds of them in Hyde Park in August, chewing several dozen trees to shreds.

This is what's left.

Don't know what this is, but it's flying in front of a disused building. Probably a pigeon:

Another tree, this time bathed in misty light:

A tree deformed by fungus:

Geese looking for something to eat:

Wasn't that a delectable season? Didn't you take the opportunity to hump on the grass and get drunk in the forests? Don't you look forward to more of the same?

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